“Meet Me There” Featuring Goldust Available For Preorder, WWE Stars’ Looks When They Debuted Vs Now, What Is Ultimate X? (Video)

(Photo by Simon Hofmann/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Meet Me There

“Meet Me There”, the 2014 horror film featuring Goldust (Dustin Rhodes) is currently taking iTunes preorders for a June 14th, 2016 digital release. 

The film is also currently available on DVD and other formats; the synopsis is below: 

A journey of self-discovery becomes a quest for survival as Ada and Calvin encounter the darkness of the past and the unexplainable evil of the present in a town where the only visitors are the ones who’ve come to die. Featuring Dustin Runnels and Jill Thompson, this intense character study and exploration of sexual trauma will have you covering your eyes and keep you guessing until its final minutes.

WWE Superstars 

Gamespot has a new gallery of ‘then and now’ looks at some of today’s top WWE superstars, and what they looked like when they first debuted. 

The current superstars of the WWE Universe all had to come from somewhere. While many of them have their characters crafted and molded in the developmental system known as NXT, many of these wrestlers have appeared in WWE before as someone completely different. It could have been a trial match or creative trying something that didn’t work. Here’s some of WWE’s current superstars during their first appearances in the company.

Click here to view the gallery.

Ultimate X 

TNA posted the following video, previewing the Ultimate X match and what makes it one of TNA’s most special matches: