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More on WWE’s Live Event Schedule Following the Brand Split, Mike Tyson Joins “Kickboxer” Cast, Smackdown Going Live in the Middle East

More on WWE’s Live Event Schedule Following the Brand Split

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, when the upcoming WWE brand split takes place, the Smackdown crew will likely tour from Saturday – Monday before the live Smackdown TV taping on Tuesday. The Raw crew will likely then tour from Friday – Sunday before the live Monday TV taping.

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As we noted yesterday, the current plan is for each show to have its own World Champion, and it’s possible, but not yet confirmed that the Womens Division will appear on both shows. If that indeed is the case, the Womens schedule could potentially run from Friday – Tuesday, unless they are given Fridays off.

Smackdown Going Live in the Middle East

As we reported yesterday, on July 19th WWE Smackdown will be going live in both the United States and in The UK. The show will also air live in the Middle East on Wednesday mornings on Orbit Showtime Network, and will be repeated later in the day at 1300 KSA and again at 2000 KSA.

Mike Tyson Joins “Kickboxer” Cast

Variety has announced that Mike Tyson has joined the cast of Kickboxer: Retaliation, the sequel to the new Kickboxer Vengeance remake that will be released in September that features Batista, GSP and Jean Claude Van Damme among other stars.

Great North Wrestling recently did a shoot interview with Alain Moussi, the star of the new Kickboxer movies that can be seen below. Moussi is the former martial arts instructor and training partner of GNW Canadian Champion Hannibal.