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Gabe Sapolsky On What TNA Should Do With Smackdown Going Live, “I’d Move”; Comments On Matt & Jeff Hardy Video Going Viral, More

Earlier today WrestleZone Radio’s WZ Daily was proud to welcome EVOLVE co-founder and booker Gabe Sapolsky!

Gabe was joined by WZ Daily host Nick Hausman and his co-host for the day SHINE ring announcer Kid Cadet.

You can find more info about the interview as well as some of Gabe’s comments transcribed below.

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On what he thinks TNA should do now that WWE Smackdown is going live and head-to-head with them:

GS: I’d move (laughs). I guess there are two ways to look at it. The first way is that head-to-head you are going to have a lot of people watching WWE. The other way is that there will be a lot more wrestling fans in front of their TV. Maybe you can get them to switch channels. I’m not committing to an answer because I think it could go either way. As far as my belief goes, and this has nothing to do with that situation directly, I always just believe in putting on the best product you can. If you have a product the fans want to see they will tune in no matter when you’re on or what you’re doing. You hear promoters sometimes make excuses, “Oh it’s raining! That’s why they aren’t coming.” Or this or that is happening. In my experience if you have a hot product and people want to see it then they’ll go there no matter what else is going on. You are best served focusing your efforts on yourself and for presenting the best product for the fans.

On the recent Matt & Jeff Hardy contract signing segment that was filmed at Matt Hardy’s home and has been going viral:

GS: It was interesting. I liked the throwing the baby. That got me when it happened. It was definitely interesting and they were trying something new there. I can never fault anyone for trying something new. 

You can watch the Matt & Jeff Hardy segment being referenced in the embedded video player below:

We will be rolling out more transcribed quotes from Gabe’s appearance in the coming days.

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