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Stephen Amell Talks Wrestling Fandom, His Time With WWE, How Would He Rank Stardust As An Adversary?

Actor Stephen Amell recently spoke with Ash Rose for TalkSport’s Gorilla Position while promoting the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows film. 

Amell talks about being a TMNT fan, and also talked about his time working with WWE in a feud with Stardust. You can read a few highlights below: 

Stephen Amell comments on his favorite Ninja Turtle, his level of wrestling fandom: 

“Michelangelo was my favourite Turtle as a kid, because he was the party dude and made all his decisions through pizza. But in terms of a higher level of fandom that was reserved for wrestling for me, especially at the age when the Turtles were first on TV.”

Amell reflects on his time with WWE, his Summerslam match: 

“As more space and time gets between that experience and me, the more unbelievable it becomes. It was really from start to finish one of the greatest experiences of my life. And the fact that I pulled it off, too.”

“There was so much more I wanted to do after I watched it back. There’s things the guys suggested I’d try and I was like no I’m going to play it more straight sort of speak. Respectively I think I may have been a bit too cool for school and in that context of that world I should have been more involved in that stuff.”

Amell comments on his first moments in a WWE ring: 

“I don’t remember much to be honest as it was such a blur, I remember getting punched the face and then hearing the crowd say ‘let them fight’ and then I remember going backstage and feeling like a machine had zapped all my water from mouth all the way down my throat. It was amazing.”

Where does Amell rank Stardust on his list of best opponents? 

“I’d go Shredder fifth, Ra’s al Ghul fourth, Bebop and Rocksteady third, then Slade Wilson and Stardust in first. He for sure is the most evil.”