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Brock Lesnar Reveals He Arm Wrestled Vince McMahon to Get His Approval to Fight at UFC 200, Talks Vince’s Reaction to UFC Fight, More

WWE star Brock Lesnar appeared on ESPN yesterday to announce his fight at UFC 200 and that his opponent at the July 9th event will be Mark Hunt.

During one appearance on ESPN’s SportsCenter, Lesnar revealed that he actually arm wrestled Vince McMahon to get his approval to fight at UFC 200.

“I said, ‘Listen, old man, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. I said, ‘Do you wanna arm-wrestle for it?’ He was like, ‘Aw yeah, what the hell.’ So, I ended up beating him and here we are,” Lesnar said.

Lesnar added Vince had no hesitation granting him permission to fight at UFC 200, as Lesnar is billed as a legitimate athlete in WWE and getting back into the Octagon for UFC helps bring more legitimacy to the WWE brand.

Lesnar also talked his big payday for the UFC fight, and you can watch Lesnar’s full appearance on SportsCenter below.