Rachael Ellering Talks Debuting In NXT, Her Father Paul Ellering Returning At NXT Takeover, Would She Join The Authors Of Pain?, More

Earlier today WZ Daily welcomed former SHINE wrestling’s Rachael Ellering as a special guest.

You can find some of Rachael’s comments from her appearance transcribed below. You can listen to Rachael’s appearance on WZ Daily starting at the 22:45 minute mark in the embedded audio player above.

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On what her experience was like in WWE NXT when she appeared a couple of weeks ago:

RE: It’s been really incredible. I’ve been really fortunate for the opportunity to be there and learn from everyone there. I had a match with Alexa Bliss a couple weeks ago on NXT so that was such a dream come true for me. Ever since I was sixteen all I’ve wanted to do is wrestle. One of my goals was to wrestle in a WWE ring. I got to do that and learn from so many amazing people. Anytime you can sit around and pick William Regal’s brain or just listen in on Triple H explain entrances to people. It’s phenomenal. I am so lucky I got to do that. So, so lucky. Hopefully it’s not the last time.

On what her reaction was to her Dad returning to perform for WWE at NXT Takeover The End:

RE: So bizarre to me. Very surreal. It’s so funny, I was there that night and I didn’t even know that that was going on. Talent got swerved and everything. It was very, very shocking. It’s very cool. I know both of the guys who are in The Authors Of Pain and they are such hardworking and humble guys. I hope that it all works out. They are so excited about the opportunity that they have. What a storyline to come in to?! After that tag team match. That tag match was phenomenal. That was such a cool moment. For sure.

On if there have been talks about pairing her with her Dad in NXT:

RE: I haven’t heard anything! If they asked me I guess I would do it if I haaad to. Honestly, I can only hope for an opportunity and if it comes I’ll grab it by the horns and run. Until then I am still excited. I have so many great things going. We mentioned SHINE. To be on a show like that with amazing talented women from all over the world. How fortunate am I? I can’t complain about the position I am in at all. If they ever did ask me to be a part of The Authors Of Pain… I guess I could put on that little vest that they wear and be the chick. I gladly would do it.

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