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New “Unfiltered” Season Preview, Bill Apter & Howard Finkel Offer MITB Picks (Videos), Possible WWE DVD Plans for Reigns, Owens & More

(Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images)

Possible WWE DVD Plans for Reigns, Owens & More

According to WrestlingDVDNetwork.com, the following are potential WWE DVD plans for 2017:

Stephanie McMahon

From growing up a McMahon to ultimately becoming chief brand officer in WWE, Stephanie McMahon’s story is one of female empowerment in a predominately male oriented business. Stephanie worked through different departments at WWE including the creative team and became one of the most captivating on-screen characters in WWE history.

Hardy Boyz (Match Compilation)

The Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff, were born to wrestle, starting in their early days jumping on a trampoline to ultimately rising through the ranks of WWE. Matt and Jeff are the perfect combination of high flying and ground attack that dazzled the WWE Universe. Their matches were legendary, now you get a chance to own them.

The Kevin Owens Experience

Now’s your chance to follow Kevin Owens around in his daily routine to find out what makes the “Prizefighter” tick. Listen as he recalls honing his craft on the independents before coming to WWE.

Best of 1997: 20th Anniversary

A look back at the year 1997. It was the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the birth of DX, the summer of the Hart Foundation and the debut of Kane. And who could forget the infamous Montreal Screwjob?

Shane McMahon Biography

Shane McMahon, the fourth generation of the legendary McMahon family, sits down for the first time ever to tell his story.

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has burst on the scene to become one of the biggest Superstars to date, but it’s no surprise that his historical lineage has set him up for greatness.

New “Unfiltered” Season Preview

The following is a preview of the new season of “Unfiltered” currently on the WWE Network:

Bill Apter & Howard Finkel Offer MITB Picks

Who will grab the briefcase high above the ring and be able to cash in for a title shot? Will Roman Reigns retain the World belt against Seth Rollins? What about John Cena vs. AJ Styles and will Titus bring the US gold back to America? These and more matches analyzed by Howard “The Fink” Finkel and Bill Apter: