Bret Hart, “I Don’t Care How Many Titles Triple H Wins. He Could Never Lace My F*cking Boots Up. Period.”; Talks HHH’s High WWE 2K16 Rating

Bret “The Hitman” Hart spoke about Triple H and WWE 2K16 on the latest episode of The Sharpshooter Podcast on Bret Hart Radio. His comments can be heard starting at the 29:25 minute mark in the embedded audio player above.

Bret is joined in this episode by his sons Blade & Dallas as well as by WrestleZone Radio’s Nick Hausman.

You can can find his comments transcribed below.

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On what Bret thinks of the new WWE 2K video games:

Bret: I like the new one. I have some discrepancies with the game a little bit. I went to a thing last Fall when the latest 2K game was coming out. They were telling me how I’m an 85 or something like that and Triple H is a 98. I remember I was like, “Why would he be a 98?” And they go, “Well because he’s the boss and we have to suck up to the boss.” I dunno, he was laughing about it. It kind of pissed me off. I thought, “I don’t care how many titles Triple H wins. He could never lace my f*cking boots up. Period.”

Blade: WOAH! Shots fired!

Bret: He was a very good, medium, mediocre wrestler. He never blew me away with anything that he’s ever done. He’s never come up with much. He’s always been a very decent wrestler that could give you a good match. As far as being like mind blowing…

Dallas: The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be…

Bret: I never saw it. I’ve still never seen it. I’ve seen him in some matches and the whole “4 Out Of 10” thing came out of his match with Lesnar. Which should have been such a good match. It was a mediocre match, if that. That’s where the “4 Out Of 10” comes from. He’s always a guy that will give you a “5 Out Of 10” match every night. He’s going to give you all he can give you and that’s just my opinion. There’s certain guys where you put these video games out and I don’t care. I think you have to do justice to the wrestlers as they were in their careers. It should be based on reality. Not things like who you know in the office. Vince could make him 35 time World Champion and it doesn’t mean he’s 35 times better than everyone else that ever wrestled. He’s just not. As far as the games go I think they should be honest. Someone like Bruno Sammartino should never be a jobber on a video game. So on and so forth. I think you have to pay respect. When I think of a video game I think about how I’d love to have Buddy Rogers versus Ric Flair. Something like that. Where you can wrestle these legends against each other from different periods and stuff. They should always represent the reality of what the wrestling business is and was. It should also include the respect the wrestlers have for each other in the dressing room.

Blade: I’d love to see Grampie in there. I’d love to see you versus Grampie. It’d be a hell of a match.

Bret: I’d take my Dad down so fast! I’d have him in the Sharpshooter so fast!

This week’s “Sharpshooting w/ Bret Hart” segment features discussion about:

  • The Harts final predictions for how Brock Lesnar will do this Saturday at UFC 200 against Mark Hunt
  • Whether a Brock Lesnar defeat hurts his WWE draw at all
  • Stephanie McMahon’s recent comment that UFC is not competition to WWE
  • What it means to Bret when an MMA fighter says they are a fan of pro wrestling
  • If it’s a given that Brock Lesnar will be victorious in his return to WWE at SummerSlam
  • Who would be a good opponent for Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam
  • Bret’s thoughts on pro wrestling video games
  • A discrepancy that Bret has with the most recent WWE 2K game
  • What Bret thinks of Triple H as a wrestler
  • If WWE is risking burning out it’s fans with two PPV/WWE Network Specials a month
  • Bob Backlund’s chemistry with Darren Young
  • How painful the Crossface Chicken Wing is
  • More…

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