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UFC Fighter Roy Nelson Predicts Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt, Talks Wanting to Face Lesnar in UFC, Interest in Crossing Over to WWE, More

Ahead of UFC Fight Night this week, UFC fighter Roy Nelson spoke with the media and discussed who in UFC he would like to face, UFC 200 and more. You can watch the entire interview at this link.

With regards to UFC 200, Nelson said he would like to face Brock Lesnar if Lesnar sticks around in UFC beyond this weekend. On Lesnar vs Mark Hunt, Nelson said the fight is over if Hunt gets his hands on Lesnar. But Nelson also said a big takedown from Lesnar could very well give The Beast the fight.

In the past, there have been rumors of Nelson having an interest in WWE, and during the interview Nelson confirmed those rumors by saying he would love to compete in WWE, but there is something in the UFC contracts which prohibits it. He added everyone is “crossing over” these days so he might speak to Dana White about a potential WWE future.