christy hemme
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Christy Hemme Talks Being the First Woman in Creative, Val Venis Recalls Vince McMahon First Informing Him of His Legendary WWE Character

Vince Russo’s THE BRAND which could be both SEEN and HEARD daily on the and, was highlighted this week by part one of my interview with WWE Diva Search Winner and Former TNA Superstar, CHRISTY HEMME and the first half of my discussion with Sean Morley, formerly known as WWE Superstar Val Venis.

In Part 1 of this all-new edition of Vixens Who Rule, stunning, brilliant and vivacious Christy Hemme, discusses life both inside and out of the squared circle. In this episode, Christy talks about being one of the first women to ever work on the creative side of wrestling, the reasons behind her leaving TNA and what new surprising career she’s about to embark on!!! Oh, Yeah, Christy’s uterus is also discussed in detail. 

Here’s an excerpt of Christy talking about her scare during childbirth:

“My baby was on my chest and my husband was right next to me. We’re together, the three of us and he didn’t know it was as serious as it was, but I just knew it was really bad and I was nervous. I never prayed harder in my life . . . I wanted to be there for my baby. I was just like, ‘please let this baby have a mom’. It was the most traumatic situation of my whole life. I’ve never had a more grounding, life altering situation in my whole life than to come up on your own life.”

Next up, mega SUPERSTAR of the Attitude Era, Sean Morley, aka Val Venis, joined me for Part 1 of this RAW, Swerve interview. Val covers such topics as his passion for cannabis, the origins of his character, sharing a hot tub with Jenna Jameson, how he worked his gimmick to pick up hotties, what happened to his character once Russo and Ferrara left the WWE and his thoughts on government. 

In this excerpt, Sean talks about the first time Vince McMahon informed him of what his legendary character was going to be:

“When you guys called me that day, I remember Vince saying to me, ‘We have this character, we want to see if you feel comfortable with it.’ And then, he went into this whole thing, ‘If you don’t feel comfortable with it, it won’t work–we need to have something you’re comfortable doing.’ Then he told me that the character was a former film star turn pro wrestler. The first thing that went through my head was–Hogan’s done that, Ventura’s done that, the whole Hollywood thing—eh—that’s what I’m thinking in my head. Then Vince came back and said, ‘The character is actually a former adult film star.” Then–it was just like a snap of the fingers—I’M IN!

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