Eliminated Competitors Work WWE CWC Dark Match Tonight, Paul Heyman Offers Will Ospreay a Surprise Contract in London (Video)

Paul Heyman Makes Will Ospreay an Interesting Offer

Paul Heyman, who was at York Hall in London last night doing a Q&A, brought British native and New Japan star Will Ospreay on stage and, in a surprise moment for the fans, offered him a contract with EVOLVE on behalf of owner Gabe Sapolsky. 

Heyman noted that EVOLVE does not want to stop Ospreay’s working for New Japan, where he recently won the Best of the Super Juniors tournament and made huge waves in his controversial match against Ricochet, and that they wouldn’t get in the way of him going to NXT or working for PWG or anything that he currently has going on. He also gave Ospreay his personal business card and the number of an immigration attorney, should he decide he wants to come and work in the U.S. 

Check out the video of Heyman’s appearance above, sent to us by our friends at thetagrope.com

Eliminated Wrestlers Work WWE CWC Tapings

Two of the stars already eliminated from the WWE Cruiserweight Classic were on hand tonight to work a dark match prior to the round two tapings at Full Sail University. One of them was Sean Maluta, who was knocked out last night by Kota Ibushi on the WWE Network, and the other participant we’re leaving anonymous as his match has yet to air. The two teamed up in a losing effort against NXT team TM61.

It would appear that WWE is keeping some, if not all of the eliminated talent on hand for the upcoming tapings, which is good news for those concerned that some of the wrestlers were being flown around the world just to lose one match and return home.