Enzo and Cass
Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org

Enzo Amore Gives Insane Freestyle Rant on Global Politics & Current Affairs (Video), WWE Selling Superstar Banners From Battleground Ads

Enzo’s Insane Freestyle Rant on Current Affairs

Enzo Amore was backstage at tonight’s Cruiserweight Classic tapings, and gave his pick to win the entire tournament: Rich Swann. When asked about his thoughts on the current landscape and the upcoming draft, Enzo… went on an insane freestyle rant about global politics. There’s a million WWE YouTube videos out there, but this one is actually worth your time. 

WWE Battleground Banners For Sale Soon

It looks like WWE is actually producing some, if not all of those flags being used in the promotional videos for the upcoming Battleground PPV. Or at least, a variation of those banners, as it looks like they’ve taken the original designs – which were actually pretty excellent – and made them…less good.