7/18 Edition of WZ Daily: Talking WWE Draft Rules, Brock’s Potential USADA Violation, Ambrose vs Rollins, More

Today’s episode of WZ Daily features host Nick Hausman as well as Joe Dombrowski as his co-host.

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Some of the topics discussed include:

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Midway through today’s show former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, former WWE Head Writer and host of The Brand Vince Russo joins to discuss:

  • RAW getting three picks to Smackdown’s two picks in the WWE Draft
  • How he would deal with splitting up tag teams in the WWE Draft
  • Which six NXT Superstars may be called up in the WWE Draft
  • Whether WWE should continue promoting Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton at SummerSlam in the wake of Lesnar’s possible USADA violation
  • How he would book Roman Reigns when he returns
  • His role in the Montreal Screwjob and why he does not think it was a work
  • More…

You can listen to the full WZ Daily archives below: