Harry Smith On His Uncle Bret Hart’s Recent Outspoken Comments About Triple H & Triple H Denying To ESPN That He Had Seen Them

This WrestleZone Radio exclusive features WZ Daily’s Nick Hausman chats with former WWE Superstar Harry Smith (aka The British Bulldog Jr.)

You can find some of Harry’s comments transcribed below and listen to the full interview in the embedded audio player above.

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On Triple H denying to ESPN that he had seen Bret’s most recent comments about him and his WWE 2K16 rating:

HS: To put it frankly… he’s full of sh*t. Of course he’s seen it or heard of it. What else is he going to say? He’s going to say something else that’s going to add more fire and of course Bret will get mad about it. It’s going to just explode in to flames. I am not the biggest fan of Triple H either but the comments might have been a bit harsh. At the same time, without using those exact words, Bret is in my opinion head and shoulders a better wrestler than Triple H. Better psychology. That’s for sure. I don’t think he should be so worked up about a video game rating. That’s just my opinion. I understand he’s probably upset about things in the past and he’s got every right to be. 

In the full interview Harry discusses:

  • His current run with NOAH in Japan
  • Balancing his pro wrestling and MMA training at the moment
  • The odds we see him in an actual MMA bout soon
  • How much it costs to take care of your body at a high level
  • Tyson Kidd’s neck injury and how his recovery is doing
  • Ibushi’s current run with WWE as part of the Cruiserweight Classic
  • Why fans are tuning in to the Cruiserweight Classic
  • Why Japanese wrestlers and wrestling are resonating so well with WWE at the moment
  • What fans can expect from TM-61 in NXT that may not have seen them before
  • Natalya’s recent heel turn
  • His thoughts on triple threat matches
  • Jim Neidhart getting his “Anvil” nickname throwing them at the Canadian Stampede
  • His uncle Bret Hart’s recent outspoken comments about Triple H and whether they are justified
  • Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 victory
  • How fans can help get the Hart Foundation inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame
  • More…

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