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Eric Bischoff Gives Constructive Criticism Of Mauro Ranallo & Praises Daniel Bryan’s CWC Commentary

The latest episode of Eric Bischoff’s new weekly podcast Bischoff on Wrestling has officially been released on iTunes &!

The second half of this episode features Eric airing the first half of his interview with his first ever guest Nick Aldis (aka Magnus). 

You can find the full episode in the embedded audio player above as well as some of his comments transcribed below.

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EB: First, off, I am not being critical here. I’m talking from the perspective of an executive producer. If I was executive producing that show the critiques I’m going to make here are exactly that… they are constructive critiques. It’s not right or wrong it’s just a matter of taste. The first thing that I noticed right off the bat about the CWC was the announce team. I really, really like Daniel Bryan. I’ve never met him personally. I don’t know what he’s like as a person. Everything I’ve ever heard about him has been very, very positive. As a color analyst his passion for the industry, the division and what he sees going on in the ring really comes through. It’s natural. It’s organic. It’s not forced commentary. What he lacks necessarily in polish he more than makes up for in believability, enthusiasm and passion. I really like Daniel Bryan. He brings such a credibility to the product that, for me because it’s the kind of style I like, it brought a lot more enjoyment to me to what I saw in the ring. Mauro Ranallo, he’s pretty good. To me, when he allows himself to sound natural and he doesn’t have that kind of prefabricated radio voice. I used to make fun of certain people I worked with in a light hearted way, I’d rib them on the side, they sounded like an AM morning weather man. I got that same vibe every once in awhile, not consistently, but every once in awhile Mauro felt very forced and manufactured. Other than that his knowledge of what he sees going on in the ring, his ability to call it in real time and bring energy to it. I thought that was fantastic. I think the two of them together are great. That was my first impression. 

In the full episode Eric goes deeper in to his thoughts on the Cruiserweight Classic as well as WWE’s decision to bring back the Cruiserweight division in general.

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