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Eric Bischoff Talks WWE’s Decision To Allow Wrestlers To Use Their Own Names In The Cruiserweight Classic

The latest episode of Eric Bischoff’s new weekly podcast Bischoff on Wrestling was officially released this past Wednesday on iTunes & PodcastArena.com! A new episode will be released this Wednesday night.

You can find the full episode in the embedded audio player above as well as some of his comments transcribed below.

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On WWE’s decision to allow independent wrestlers to use their own name and acknowledge their independent wrestling background in the Cruiserweight Classic:

EB: I think it harkens back to 1995 when I launched Nitro. This isn’t about me but I can’t help it when you ask me a question that’s going to be near and dear to my heart. One of the things that I did to be different than WWE is let guys use their own name. I wasn’t interested in repackaging and giving someone a brand new gimmick and dressing them up in different colored outfits and trying to create a whole new character like the previous one didn’t even exist. That wasn’t my goal. Bill Goldberg was Bill Goldberg. Scott Hall was Scott Hall. Kevin Nash was Kevin Nash. Konnan was Konnan. Eddie Guerrero was Eddie Guerrero. Part of that is the believability and the reality. When I talked previously about bringing reality in to the wrestling business back in 1995 one of the little things that we did was start allowing guys to use their own name and not giving them “gimmicks.” 

In the full episode Eric goes deeper in to his thoughts on the Cruiserweight Classic as well as WWE’s decision to bring back the Cruiserweight division in general.

The second half of this episode features Eric airing the first half of his interview with his first ever guest Nick Aldis (aka Magnus). 

A new episode of Bischoff on Wrestling will be released every Wednesday night on iTunes & PodcastArena.com.

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