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Lashley Talks Which MMA Fighter He Would Like to Face, Mick Foley Apologizes to Cesaro and Sheamus, Daniel Bryan on Heath Slater’s Future

Lashley Talks Which MMA Fighter He Would Like to Face

TMZ cameras recently spoke with TNA X-Division and World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley, and during the interview Lashley was asked who he would like to have an MMA fight with next. While Lashley maintained he is focusing on pro wrestling right now, he said he would like to face Fedor Emelianenko because Fedor would legitimize the wrestler and fighter in Lashley:

Daniel Bryan on Heath Slater’s Future

In the following highlight video from last night’s “Talking Smack”, Daniel Bryan addresses Heath Slater’s future:

Mick Foley Apologizes to Cesaro and Sheamus

WWE Raw GM Mick Foley posted the following on Facebook, apologizing to Sheamus and Cesaro:


I just finished watching Monday’s WWE Raw match between Cesaro and Sheamus, and was so impressed with the intensity and physicality that I feel like I need to offer both men an apology.

I want to stress that I LOVE being the Raw GM, but if there is a drawback, it is that when pulled in so many directions during the course of the show, I do not get to concentrate completely on every match in the ring. Had I seen this match in its entirety as it aired live, I would have gone out of my way to praise it when Cesaro entered the ring during my in-ring talk with Daniel Bryan – much as I had praised the commentary on the #CruiserweightClassic of Mauro Ranallo and Daniel Bryan earlier in the segment. I really do think wrestling fans recognize sincerity when they see or hear it – and they appreciate it. It may seem like a minor point, but sometimes it’s the little things added up that make a difference in building WWE Superstars to their fullest potential. So I apologize to both these men, and make a promise to everyone that I will try to recognize my shortcomings as GM – and work on them – so that I can do the best job possible best each and every week.

With that being said, who is looking forward to tonight’s #CruiserweightClassic on #WWENetwork?!