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WWE SmackDown Results (8/16) – Cena/Del Rio, Ziggler Drops Ambrose, Slater Goes To Viperville!

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WWE SmackDown Live Results

August 16th, 2016

Report by Josh Lopez for Wrestlezone.com

Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and Heath Slater Segment: 

Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan spoke about SummerSlam. Shane said he likes their chances. Bryan spoke about how it was going to be exciting. Randy Orton entered the room and they had a contract ready for him to sign. Orton told Shane & Daniel that the match may not go as long as anticipated because it only takes one RKO. Orton signs the contract.

Heath Slater entered the room with a fruit basket. He tossed an apple to Orton. Daniel Bryan noted that the fruit basket card said To Bob, My Condolences. Slater delivered his hottest free agent line and said he went toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar. Shane said he was surprised he was standing there and they can’t just keep giving him chances. Orton said he had an idea. He took a bite out of the apple