Terri Runnels Admits to Hating the Controversial Fake Miscarriage Angle in WWE, Shoots Down a Rumor Regarding Recent JR Podcast Remarks

Former WWE manager, wrestler, interviewer, and Hardcore Champion Terri Runnels sat down recently for a chat with Freak and Nitro TV (www.youtube.com/THEFreakandNitro) to promote the release of her upcoming Photo Set (which will be available on www.theterrirunnels.com).

Over the course of a full hour Terri discusses her time in WCW, taking her daughter on the road, and how much control she had over her characters in the WWE – specifically offering a rumor-killer about recent comments made during a podcast with Jim Ross:

“It pisses me off when an interview is done and people, that consider themselves wrestling journalists, don’t do their due diligence and their homework.  I never said anything about (Marlena having) a prosthetic penis… I’m here to tell you; had anyone ever mentioned that to me the answer would have been no.”

Terri breaks down the more memorable moments of her career – including the debut of Chyna, the Goldust/Marlena break up and the one story she didn’t want to do – the controversial fake miscarriage angle:

“I really think it was horrible. I hated it. I really begged Russo. I was like… my daughter is in elementary school and I don’t want kids hearing about that and saying ‘Oh your mom, you know, had this other baby…’ I didn’t want to put her through that and I thought it was tacky and that was one fight I lost. I fought and fought and fought that angle… I begged Russo – I’m like “dude, don’t – just don’t” and he won and I lost that one.”

This interview includes Terri’s thoughts and memories of Brian Pillman, raising her daughter while being on the road, the Purchase of WCW’s implications and much more. You can find the hour-long chat in its entirety at Freak and Nitro TV or in the video player below: