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Drew Galloway Talks TNA Allowing Him to Be Himself & Not “Scripted Word for Word”, ODB on Her Romantic Relationship with Mr. Anderson

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(Photo by Phillip Massey/WireImage)

Vince Russo’s THE BRAND which could be both SEEN and HEARD daily on the RELMNetwork.com and PodcastOne.com, was highlighted this week by Russo’s interview with Jessie Kresa, aka ODB, a wrestler that Russo himself was a big fan of, but felt she may have had some issues with him when they worked together at TNA. Those issues are hashed out in this exclusive interview. From there, Part 2 of Vince’s interview with one of TNA’s hottest stars, Drew Galloway. There was also lots more discussion this week of the upcoming debut of the new promotion Rocky Mountain Pro, which will be debuting on the Hunt Channel on Dish TV (Ch. 266) October 9.

On this week’s episode of ANYTHING BUT FREAKIN’ RASSLIN’ /VIXENS WHO RULE, Vince was joined by the OUTSPOKEN ODB, who not only opened up to him a bit personally, but also grinded some axes with the host himself.

Here’s an excerpt from that conversation where ODB talks about her former relationship with Mr. Ken Anderson:

“We started dating in 2000, so I just started. I said, ‘Whoa–who’s this boy’? He helped me, and we dated for a long time. We lived together–he even moved his ass to Minnesota for me. He was hot as hell. But, it was his personality. I didn’t know the business yet. I didn’t know all the boys were gonna be hitting on me . . . actually most of the boys were afraid of me—and still are—but, he wasn’t one of them. So we went out drinkin’ a few times, and kind of fell in love right away.”

Later in the week, TNA Superstar Drew Galloway dropped by The Swerve to discuss his current rise to the top of TNA.

In this excerpt, Drew discusses why he made the decision to join his current employer:

“At TNA I was told by Big (John Gaburick), that I was going to have the opportunity to be myself, Drew Galloway, and I wasn’t going to be scripted word-for word, because I couldn’t handle that. I was having too much fun at the time and I wouldn’t enjoy being on TV. Everything he said he stuck by. They let me be Drew Galloway the whole way. They built me up in such an incredible way on TV.”

Be sure to also check out the latest episode of Vince Russo’s new promotion Rocky Mountain Pro, which is scheduled to make its debut on National TV on the Hunt Channel on Dish Network (Ch. 266) October 9th. This is FREE on his YouTube Channel. You can check it out below.

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