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Reaction To Cruiserweight Classic & The Division Returning To WWE RAW Tonight

This final video of CSR is all about the Cruiserweight division. Justin LaBar and Juice Springsteen talk about the tournament and what they look for with the division returning to RAW. Here’s some highlights:

Juice Springsteen:

I don’t think they [Ibushi & Sabre Jr.] need to go to WWE to make a name for themselves. There names are so big, they don’t need the WWE machine to get themselves over to get work.

Juice goes on to review the final match and the win for TJ Perkins. He then notes about the division returning on RAW.

Juice Springsteen: I’m excited to see this go on RAW. I’m hoping it’s more like WCW Nitro where it was the best thing happening to start off the show. It’s not Hornswoggle or Chavo Guerrero, rehashed guys, but new guys who are coming in.

Justin LaBar: In the Monday Night Wars, Nitro put Cruiserweights on in the first hour and then it was an older demo that wrestling was aimed to. Now with a lot of kids watching and WWE branding a lot of their content to the younger audience, the Cruiserweights are very kid friendly with the high-flying and super hero kinda feel. Put them in the first hour when the kids are still awake. Could be a strong, winning formula.

LaBar ends the segment with a good luck to Johnny Gargano, who isn’t expected on RAW tonight but in the future with the division. See the full conversation in the video below: