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Kevin Sullivan Talks Issues in WCW Following AOL Merger, ODB Reveals She Had to Bartend On the Side While Working for TNA

Vince Russo’s THE BRAND which could be both SEEN and HEARD daily on the and, was highlighted this week by part two of Russo’s interview with Jessie Kresa, aka ODB, who goes into details of what led to her leaving TNA, and the WILD ROAD TRIP she’s currently on. From there, Vince’s interviews WCW Legend and Mastermind, the Taskmaster, Kevin Sullivan.  The behind the scenes history of Russo/Sullivan at WCW has been well documented–especially by Russo–over the years, and now, some 17 years later, the two sit down to talk about “old times”. There was also more discussion this week of the upcoming debut of the new promotion Rocky Mountain Pro, which will be debuting on the Hunt Channel on Dish TV (Ch. 266) October 9.

On this week’s episode of ANYTHING BUT FREAKIN’ RASSLIN’ /VIXENS WHO RULE, Vince continues his conversation with the one and only ODB, who talks about her departure from TNA among other things.

Here’s an excerpt from that conversation where ODB talks about literally having to bartend on the side while working at TNA, in order to pay her bills:

“I didn’t feel embarrassed. I just felt like you know what—this is who I am. I’m a hard worker, and I don’t like taking days off in life. But, it did make me feel like–wow, they’re seeing me on the wall, my posters are everywhere and it’s like–‘YOU’RE MY BARTENDER, AND YOU’RE ON NATIONAL TV?’ Yeah, it kinda hit me a little bit.”

Later in the week, WCW Legend “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan dropped by to iron out some old differences with Vince while the two worked together almost 17 years ago.

In this excerpt, Kevin discusses the noticeable change that came within the company once the AOL merger took place:

“I remember asking Craig Leathers (WCW TV Production) ‘Who’s that guy?’, and Craig answered, ‘He’s from AOL. He’s looking for things that aren’t right to go on TV.’ I got the same thing, they were saying, ‘You can’t do that, you can’t do that.’ I said the same thing to them, Vince, I said, ‘What CAN I do? Can you give me a list so I can follow it? No. Every week it will change because that’s the mood of the country.”

Be sure to also check out the latest episode of Vince Russo’s new promotion Rocky Mountain Pro, which is scheduled to make its debut on National TV on the Hunt Channel on Dish Network (Ch. 266) October 9th. This is FREE on his YouTube Channel and you can watch it below.

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