TNA Bound for Glory Results (10/2) – Lashley vs EC3, The Great War, Cody’s TNA Debut, Kim Inducted, Three New Champions Crowned, More!

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TNA Bound for Glory 2016 Results

October 2nd, 2016

Report by Joshua Lopez for

First Match: DJ Zema Ion (c) vs. Trevor Lee for the TNA X-Division Championship 

DJZ and Lee go to the collar and elbow tie up. Lee backs DJZ into the corner. Lee with a standing switch. DJZ with a wrist lock takedown. Lee rolls out of the ring. Lee kicks DJZ in the knee. Lee with a clubbing blow to the back of DJZ. DJZ connects with a deep armdrag. Lee responds with a knee strike to the gut of Lee. DJZ goes back to the wrist lock, but Lee holds onto the top rope. DJZ with a rolling crucifix for a two count. DJZ eats a back elbow from Lee. Lee goes for a german suplex, but DJZ blocks it. DJZ with a springboard armdrag to Lee. DJZ connects with the baseball slide dropkick.

DJZ rolls Lee back into the ring. DJZ goes for a springboard dropkick, but Lee counters with a leaping knee strike. Lee with a running boot to DJZ from the ring apron. Lee brings DJZ back into the ring. Lee with the lateral press for a two count. Lee bites DJZ in the face. DJZ with a kick to the gut of Lee. Lee grounds DJZ in the corner with a series of uppercuts. Lee goes for a flying double axe handle off the second rope, but DJZ counters with a flapjack. DJZ ascends to the top rope. Lee with a running forearm strike.