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Lucha Ilimitado Co-Owner Issues Statement on Alberto Del Rio No-Showing AAA PPV, Calls Del Rio’s Actions Damaging, Recalls 2015 Issue

alberto del rio
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As noted, former WWE star Alberto Del Rio no-showed last night’s AAA PPV, and Lucha Limitado co-owner Richard O’Sullivan has sent the following statement to WZ regarding Del Rio’s absence last night:

Since numerous people have asked me about this due to a similar situation we found ourselves in with Alberto just a couple of weeks ago, I just wanna say, speaking entirely for myself and no one else involved with our company, that I’m feeling a lot of empathy with AAA and their fans right now.

Just like in that situation, he and his camp reached out to us to confirm that he was going to be at our October 12th event in Yakima, and even told us to make changes in flight reservations on three separate occasions.

Less than an hour after the last flight change request, he pulled out of the card. What made it worse is that we had honored his request to hold off on announcing him for the show until his attorney gave us the go-ahead, which quite frankly delayed our ability to promote the main event.

We literally had thousands of posters and flyers with his picture and name on them that went out the day he pulled out. We had to re-do those print materials, as well as our TV and radio ads, which cost us tons of money, time, and promotional credibility.

He initially offered to pay for those promotional materials but at last word indicated he had no intention to follow through on that either.

Again, I’m speaking for myself and no one else associated with Lucha Ilimitado when I say this:

I’m a huge fan of Alberto’s work. I think he’s probably a really good guy. Maybe he’s going through some issues that we don’t fully know about and if that’s the case, my best thoughts go out to him. I hope he pulls it together because he’s one of the very best in the business.

But he needs to know he’s causing a lot of damage–to himself and others–when he pulls these types of stunts.