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New Legends with JBL Airing After WWE Raw, Guest Revealed, Jim Ross Names His Favorite WWE Stars, John Laurinaitis – Total Bellas Clip

Jim Ross Reveals His Favorite WWE Stars

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently spoke with Rocking Gods House, as Ross was promoting his upcoming one-man show at Zanies on Wednesday, November 9th. During the interview, JR had the following to say when asked about his favorite WWE stars:

“Well, they got two good champions right now in Kevin Owens and AJ Styles – two guys that have had really long careers to even get to the WWE, and now they have had that opportunity in their mid-thirties, and they both have made the most of their time. As I say on my podcast every week: ‘Maximize their time.’ They are doing that, and I think both of those guys are really good.”

New Legends with JBL Airing After WWE Raw

A new episode of “Legends with JBL” will air on the WWE Network after Raw goes off the air on Monday night. JBL’s guest will be WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino, and below is the synopsis for the episode:

“JBL sits down with Bruno Sammartino to discuss some memorable exploits from his extraordinary career in sports entertainment.”

John Laurinaitis – Total Bellas Clip

WWE has released the following Total Bellas bonus clip featuring John Laurinaitis confronting JJ about his negative opinion of Kathy and John’s wedding: