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Maria Kanellis On Being Fired By Donald Trump On The Apprentice For Locker Room Talk, “What He Said Is Talking About Assault

The latest episode of WZ Weekly was released earlier today and features an exclusive clip from False Comeback Editor-in-Chief Andrew Khellah’s upcoming interview with former WWE Superstar and current TNA Knockout Maria Kanellis.

The full interview will be released in video form this Monday on False Comeback’s YouTube channel.

You can find some of Maria’s comments transcribed below. Maria’s appearance on WZ Weekly begins around the 1 hour and 39 minute mark in the embedded audio player above.

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On being fired from The Celebrity Apprentice by Donald Trump for using “locker room talk” in regards to the smell of a fellow contestant:

MK: It’s not the same thing tho. “Locker Room Talk” and what I said… which is actually “Locker Room Talk.” What I said is what happens in a locker room. News flash, that’s what happens in a locker room. Sometimes it smells in there. What he said is talking about assault. What he wanted to do to a married woman was assault. You can’t just grab somebody like that. It’s disrespectful. It’s rude and we as Americans should expect more from a Presidential nominee. Someone who is try to hold the highest office of the United States of America should be the very best of us as Americans. Not the worst.

This week’s episode of WZ Weekly is hosted by Nick Hausman and features 2CW & OVW’s Bin Hamin (aka Ben Duerr) and SHINE’s Kid Cadet as the co-hosts.

It includes:

  • Joe Dombrowski’s WZ Weekly exclusive interview with “Hurricane” Shane Helms
  • WZ Weekly’s “Spotlight” on JCW, The Kevin Gill Show & Keeping It 100’s Kevin Gill
  • An exclusive excerpt from Andrew Khellah’s upcoming interview for False Comeback with Maria Kanellis discussing her time on Celebrity Apprentice with WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump
  • A look at the Top News Stories of the week
  • The #WZWeekly mail bag
  • More…

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