blue meanie
(Photo by David Pomponio/FilmMagic)

The Blue Meanie Talks Fans Still Remembering the “bWo” 20 Years Later, Being a Coach at The Monster Factory and More

WZ’s Bill Pritchard recently spoke with ECW legend The Blue Meanie at this year’s WrestleCade event, and you can watch the entire interview in the video player above. Below are some interview highlights:

On Fans Still Remembering the bWo:

November 16th, 1996, they wanted the bWo, and November 16th, 2016, with the 20th anniversary of the bWo, which is awesome. It was supposed to be a one night thing, and 20 years later, people still talk about it, and ask about it, and yell at me as I walk down the street, good stuff like that, and 20 years later it’s tremendous.

On Working with Monster Factory:

Yeah. I’m one of the coaches. We have five coaches; myself, Danny Cage, Bill Wiles, QT Marshall, Punisher Martinez and myself. You know, we’re like a five-headed monster. Danny, Bill, QT, all started out amateur wrestling, they’re great with that stuff. I’m good with those that are further along to put some season on them. They refer to me as “Uncle Meanie” or “Uncle Brian” so I like to try to be like the father-figure. I’m good with that. I’ve done a lot of good and made a lot of mistakes so if I can pass on some knowledge that people gave to me I’d be glad to do it.

On How to Get a Hold of Him and Show Support:

It’s great to be here at WrestleCade having a good time. The folks at Monster Factory, my twitter is @BlueMeanieBWO. If you want to support Blue Meanie go to ProWrestlingTees/Blue Meanie, so it’s definitely a good way to keep in contact with the fans, 20 years later, next generation of people are coming along. The kids are watching on the WWE Network where they say that they saw a match with Bluedust against Goldust, you know, these kids weren’t even alive back then, so it’s much appreciated that they come up and show their support as Meanie fans. I’m a wrestling fan so I understand it, so I just wanted to thank everybody for their support.