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WWE RAW Results (12/05): Huge Matches Signed for Roadblock, Reigns Defends the U.S. Title, Charlotte Confronts Ric Flair!

wwe-raw-2016-coverageWWE RAW Results

December 5th, 2016

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In Ring Segment: Seth Rollins

Rollins says there is something that has been going on the past few months. It has been bubbling under the surface. Rollins says he wants Triple H. Triple H decided to back the wrong horse- Kevin Owens. Hitting a Pedigree on Chris Jericho on top of a car last week was a message to Triple H. Rollins says he knows that if he calls out Triple H nothing will happen so the best way to get his hands on Triple H is to beat Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal title. That isn’t going to happen if he doesn’t take out Jericho first. Kevin Owens comes out on the ramp. Rollins asks Owens how Jericho is doing. More importantly, how is Owens’ friendship with Jericho? Owens tells Rollins he is rude for talking over him. Sometimes, friends fight. Rollins wouldn’t know anything about this but sometimes best friends fight. Since Rollins has no friends, Owens doesn’t expect Rollins to get it. Rollins says Jericho probably didn’t answer Owens text all week. Owens says Jericho was probably busy with physical therapy this past week to text him back.

Owens says he spent the last few days buying his best friend Chris Jericho gifts. Rollins says that is great seeing as how Jericho gifted him with the Universal title over and over again. Rollins calls Owens a coward and challenges him to a match for the WWE Universal title tonight. Owens says he has a match against Sami Zayn tonight so that isn’t happening, plus, he already beat Rollins two weeks ago. Since we are talking about matches, that brings us to the gifts Owens got Jericho. Owens says he got Jericho a United States title match against Roman Reigns tonight. Also, Jericho will get to face Rollins at Roadblock.  Lastly, Rollins has a match right now: against The Big Show!