cm punk
Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Duke Roufus Confirms UFC & CM Punk Are Talking About Another Fight, How Soon Could It Happen?

CM Punk’s MMA coach Duke Roufus was recently a guest on The MMA Hour. During his appearance Roufus said that it is, “looking hopeful,” that Punk will fight again in UFC and that it could possibly happen as soon as, “four to five months.”

Roufus went on to say, “Yeah, definitely, I believe he and Dana are talking. I just talked to Punk on Monday before that and things are looking hopeful. I can’t say yes or no but they’re looking hopeful. We’re going to see. Dana’s always got a good recipe of what he’s going to create and what’s best for the sport. What’s best for Punk and everyone else.”

In regards to Punk’s quick loss at the hands of Mickey Gall in his debut Roufus said, “He’s going to get better. Obviously he didn’t perform the way we wanted to perform. We had some things he was doing really well with. He just didn’t happen. It’s just going to take time but the great thing is he has an incredible attitude and he’s very thankful for the opportunities. He’s getting better. He’s back in training and right after this fight I’ll be picking up big time with him.”