Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore & His “Uncle” Eric Bischoff Discuss Being Paired Together On WWE TV

The latest episode of former WCW President Eric Bischoff’s podcast Bischoff on Wrestling is now available and features an appearance from his “nephew” and former WWE Superstar &  Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore!

You can find some of Eric and Dinsmore’s thoughts about finding out they were being paired together as “Uncle & Nephew” on WWE TV below.

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EB: When I made the decision to go to work with WWE and I hung up the phone with Vince McMahon I knew I was going as a performer and as a character. As soon as I signed on the dotted line and agreed to take the money then I never really looked at anything they gave me creatively and dissected it. Except to figure out how the be the best part of that scene that I could be. Or, be the best character I could be considering what they were asking for. I just never looked at anything subjectively. It was just, “This is what they want me to do. I’m going to figure out how to be the best I can be doing it.” That’s what I expected when I hired talent and integrated talent in to storylines. It’s not that I didn’t want to hear their opinions were necessarily but at the end of the day there was a vision. There was a story and I expected them to act as actors. Have some input and bring some ideas to the table but it was never a yes or no situation. That’s the way I approached everything. So, when the Eugene character came to me my only thought was, “Ok, how do I be the best performer I can be in the scenes that I am in with the character Eugene.”

ND: That was like a golden platter. I was given instant credibility by being the nephew of the GM and one of the greatest minds in professional wrestling history, Eric Bischoff. I was going to be paired with William Regal who is one of the most phenomenal performers we have. Just to be on RAW and not starting on Sunday Night Heat. Being presented as a character on RAW right out of the gate still blows my mind. I saw a lot of the other guys like let’s take my friend Lance Cade for instance. Murdoch & Cade started on Heat and they just kind of moseyed there and they didn’t get a push for a long time. I was put in the forefront with a big storyline right from the get go. It was awe inspiring and to get to work with some of the biggest names was a dream come true.

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This week’s episode of Bischoff on Wrestling starts with Eric talking to Nick about watching Monday Night RAW this week with his good friend and WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan!

Nick then jumps in to Bischoff on Wrestling’s pro wrestling “topic of the week”. This week’s topic is “PPV Business”. Eric dives deep in to a discussion about the apparent lack of interest in WWE’s “B-Show” Network specials and what he thinks is a successful way to drive PPV business.

Eric then welcomes his guest for the week former WWE Superstar Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore. Dinsmore chats with Eric about:

  • How he broke in to the pro wrestling business
  • Dinsmore’s short run with WCW in 1998
  • The genesis of the idea for the Eugene character
  • Eric & Dinsmore’s reactions to finding out they would be working together
  • The UK trip that led to Dinsmore being sent to rehab by WWE for prescription pain pills
  • Dinsmore’s beauty pageant wife
  • Dinsmore’s new pro wrestling company
  • WWE taking a more active interest in the independent pro wrestling scene and whether or not that is a good thing
  • More…

Once Dinsmore’s interview wraps up Eric moves on to his“Playing In The Dirt” segment. Typically he takes a look back at headlines from pro wrestling dirt sheets from different points in his career. This week Eric instead welcomes a SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST from the pro wrestling journalism field in a not to miss segment.

Eric then closes the show by answering some fan questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag.

You can listen to the full archives from Bischoff on Wrestling in the embedded audio player below: