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Backstage News on the Current WWE Smackdown Creative Team, the Show’s Head Writers and Road Dogg’s Future with Triple H in Power

As firs reported by Top Rope Press, rumors of Ryan Ward replacing Brian “Road Dogg” James as the head writer of WWE Smackdown are not exactly true, as James was actually given a recent promotion in the company. James’ new roll in WWE is something along the lines of head consultant, although the exact job title has yet to be confirmed.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has since confirmed the above report, adding James and Ryan Ward are responsible for pitching scripts to Vince McMahon for his approval, at which point Vince re-writes the shows as he sees fit. James is also the person who reads the scripts to the other creative team members, a job that he has been doing for quite sometime now.

With James’ recent promotion, he is technically above Ryan Ward now, however Ward retains the title of Smackdown head writer, and him and James basically share co-head writing responsibilities.

With regards to Brian James’ future in WWE, he said to be someone who will be a big backstage power broker when Triple H eventually takes over control of WWE, and will be somewhat of Triple H’s envoy in the company.