How Many WWE Wins & Losses Did AJ Styles Have in 2016?, HHH Sending WWE Title to Serena (Photo), Lucha Underground Possibly Leaving El Rey?

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News on Lucha Underground Possibly Leaving El Rey

While nothing has been confirmed, is reporting there has been a lot talk as of late regarding Lucha Underground potentially leaving El Rey Network and shifting over to Netflix. Konnan made mention of the talks on a recent podcast appearance, and while LU was set to tape another season of the show, nothing has been announced.

Furthermore, this season of the show is being split into two halves, with the second half likely airing later in 2017. This was not the initial airing plan when the season was filmed.

How Many WWE Wins Did AJ Styles Have in 2016?

WWE has posted an infographic looking at WWE Champion AJ Styles’ first year in the company at this link. Stats wise, AJ Styles had 38 wins, 19 losses and 1 draw in his first year with WWE.

Triple H Sending Custom Title Belt to Serena Williams

Triple H has Tweeted the following, noting he will be sending a custom WWE Title to Serena Williams after Williams won the Australian Open: