Ricochet Confirms His Lucha Underground Contract Status, Reveals if WWE Has Contacted Him, Talks How to Improve 205 Live and More

Photo Credit: Wikipedia.org / Tabercil

Top Lucha Underground talent Ricochet, aka Prince Puma, appeared at the La Triple W (White Wolf Wrestling) event in Madrid, Spain and defeated A-Kid in a singles match.

Following the event, Ricochet spoke with Alejandro Gimenez for SoloWrestling.com and revealed his contract with Lucha Underground has expired. Ricochet noted he is open to anything, and he knows where he wants go, and that he has some things to “check off the checklist.” Ricochet said he’s keeping his options open and has yet to make a decision on his future.

On the subject of WWE, Ricochet did confirm WWE has contacted him in the past, but he said he was never directly contacted about the Cruiserweight Classic. Ricochet added he hopes WWE does another CWC because it’s good for the talents, and although WWE 205 Live has yet to really take off with fans, it’s still new and they have to feel out what really works and what really doesn’t. He said he thinks if WWE really let the guys go like they did in the CWC, and do less of the “cheesy backstage promos”, the show might work better.

You can check out Ricochet’s entire appearance in the video below: