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Comic Praises Y2J & Santino Marella’s Comedic Skills, WWE Official Offers Advice to Asian Talents, Nikki Bella Impersonates Natalya (Videos)

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Comic Praises Jericho and Santino Marella’s Comedic Skills

Comedian, wrestling broadcaster, writer and fan Jonny Loquasto recently spoke with MemorabiliaGuy.com, and below is what Loquasto had to say on some of the funniest story lines in pro wrestling over the years:

Definitely NOT Katie Vick! Instead of storylines, I tend to remember certain people and how incredibly funny and poignant they were. For example: Stone Cold and Booker T in the grocery store will always be one of my favorite segments ever. Stone Cold and Vince McMahon forever. Kurt Angle during the invasion was must see.

Hurricane and The Rock had a feud that was incredible, and he was also the last person to defeat The Rock on RAW. Santino Marella and Chris Jericho just understand comedy better than even most comedians. New Day has had such an incredible run and you would be hard-pressed to find three people with better chemistry than Xavier, Kofi, and Big E. The creativity and joy that they exude every time they perform is palpable. Colt Cabana is another genius who is not only an incredible wrestler, but arguably has the best comedic timing you’ll ever see. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode as the Dirty Heels will always stick out in my mind, as well as Ken Anderson’s multiple variations of his character plus Eric Young is one of the most versatile and hilarious people I’ve seen, and Chuck Taylor has always been brilliantly funny. Without a doubt, Bobby Heenan is not only arguably the funniest performer in pro wrestling history, but also one of the best performers, period. I consider myself very lucky to have grown up watching him.

WWE Official Offers Advice to Asian Talents

As noted, WWE officials Canyon Ceman and Ryan Katz recently attended a Singapore Pro Wrestling event in WWE’s continuing efforts to crown an Asian Champion. Below is footage of Ceman visiting the event, and he offered the following advice to the talents:

“Devote yourself entirely to this craft of sports entertainment. Live a clean and professional life. [Have a] strong physique, strong athleticism, strong articulation. If you’re great, we will find you.”

Nikki Bella Impersonates Natalya

The Bella Twins have released the following video of Nikki Bella impersonating Natalya: