Reby Sky Rips TNA Following Hardy Exit, New TNA Creative Head Named as Team Member Leaves, Jarrett’s New Role, TNA Contracts Changing

Reby sky

The fallout from today’s announcement that Matt and Jeff Hardy are not re-signing with TNA continues tonight, and the following is what we know as of now, according to

-Reby Sky, Matt Hardy’s wife, took to Twitter earlier this evening and ripped the company following Matt’s announcement that he is leaving TNA. Sky wrote the following, which has been edited for strong language:

“UNREAL WITH THE LITTLE B***** S***. U N R E A L. Why try to do things the right way when you get bs & drama in return? Matt is a nice guy. I’LL keep the sh**s “hostage”. F outta here. If mfers don’t start coming correct, I’m bout to melt some gold & have me some new gold hoops. Sigue y vas a ver. I’ve said it many times TNA was the perfect situation for our family & how grateful I was for professionalism/open communication/respect…now think about what kinda negative changes & straight f***ery would have to go down for us to leave.”

-TNA sent out a company wide email noting Dutch Mantell, fka Zeb Colter in WWE, is now the head of the TNA creative team. John Gaburick, who previously held the position, is still with TNA, but he will be working from the Gorilla Position during tapings and will be offering advice to the creative team. He will no longer be a part of the decision making process from a creative standpoint.

-Longtime TNA creative team member Matt Conway has left the company.

-Jeff Jarrett is now the Chief Creative Officer, and he will oversee everything that pertains to TNA creative.

-Talent contracts are expected to be restructured. The current system sees talents paid on a per episode basis, meaning if a talent films 4 episodes of Impact Wrestling in one night, he or she would be paid for 4 episodes. The talent contracts will likely be restructured in a way that would see the talents paid per date, meaning if a talent tapes 4 Impact episodes in one night, he or she would be paid for the one date.

Additionally, TNA is looking to collect 10% of pay any contracted talents might make in promotions outside of TNA.