Complete Impact Wrestling TV Taping Results For 4/6 *Spoilers*

The following are results from Sunday afternoon’s Impact Wrestling television taping event in Orlando, FL. The episode is expected to air on April 6th. Thanks to Ed Tomas for sending in these results.

Xplosion Match: Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid defeated Eddie Kingston & Bram, Fallah Bahh & Bokara, and Reno Scum in a four-way tag team match.

Xplosion Match: ODB & MJ defeated Angelina Love & Laurel Van Ness. Lots of comedy as Laurel is still in her wedding dress and has a bottle of champagne. She’s clearly drunk and eventually Love gets sick of her shenanigans and tosses her from the ring, but takes the TKO from ODB for the finish. After the match Laurel parties and drinks with ODB, then kisses and leaves with Earl Hebner.

There’s a segment with JB and Josh Matthews, and it’s said that Matthews will officially leave commentary if he loses the 4-on-4 match in the main event. The former CHRIS MASTERS comes out, and is now being called Chris Adonis. He says he’s sick of Josh complaining like a troll, and that there will be a new era in Impact Wrestling, threatening to put Josh in the Master Lock.

(1) Alberto el Patron defeated John Boland. This was a quick squash match. Patron called out Bobby Lashley, but he doesn’t come out.

Josh Matthews and JB make their way back out, followed by Bruce Prichard, and it’s time for the announcers to draft their teams for the main event. Josh selects the Impact World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley. JB of course selects Alberto el Patron. Josh then picks Bram from the DCC, followed by JB picking Chris Adonis. The third pick for Team Matthews is none other than Eli Drake, followed by Tyrus as his fourth and final selection. The heels attack Patron and Adonis in a 4-on-2 assault, until MATT MORGAN runs down and clears out the ring! Morgan will be JB’s third pick, but we still need one more, and it will be…. MAGNUS!

Xplosion Match: Mahabali Sheera defeated Fallah Bahh. After the match Bahh beats down Sheera and hits him with the Banzai Drop.

Xplosion Match: Reno Scum defeated Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid

Bruce Prichard comes out and announces that James Storm was chosen by the fans over Ethan Carter III to challenge for the world title. I don’t remember there being a fan vote, but that seems likely. EC3 hits the ring and is pissed off at the decision. Prichard tells him he needs to go to the back and look into the mirror, because he didn’t just lose to Alberto el Patron, he tapped out. He wonders if he tapped out to Patron, or he tapped out on himself. EC3 heads off to find himself.

(2) Allie & Braxton Sutter defeated Sienna & Kevin Matthews in a mixed tag team match. Kongo Kong (who was in GFW and is an AAW regular) comes out and attacks Sutter, while Laurel comes out still in her wedding dress and attacks Allie with an assist from Sienna.

(3) Andrew Everett defeated Marshe Rocket, Suicide and Gregory Helms in a four-way X-Division match. Helms did very little and was mostly on the outside during the match.

(4) Davey Richards defeated DJZ in a quick match. Eddie Edwards comes through the crowd but he and Davey are kept separated. Alisha Edwards comes out and attacks Angelina Love instead, as a brawl erupts.

(5) Alberto el Patron, Matt Morgan, Magnus & Chris Adonis defeated Bobby Lashley, Tyrus, Eli Drake & Bram in an 8-man tag team match. They built up to a Matt Morgan hot tag throughout the match, and he cleaned house to a big pop. Magnus hit the top rope elbow drop on Bram to win it for Team JB.

The crowd erupts into some vulgar chants at Josh Matthews, as all the babyfaces on the roster come out and lead the crowd in the “na na na na” chant. Matthews says his wife is probably crying in the back right now, but he’s a man of his word and will leave. The babyfaces chase him to the back, and everyone celebrates Josh leaving to end the episode.