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NXT Orlando Live Event Results (3/11): Nakamura and Ohno vs Roode and Clark, Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match, Hideo Itami Returns (Videos)

WWE NXT Orlando Live Event Results


Orlando, FL

Results courtesy of PWInsider.com

Here is a full report from NXT Live in Orlando, FL.

Vic Joseph is the host and ring announcer for the evening.

M&G: Demitrius Bronson, Adrian Jaoude, and Victoria Gonzalez

– Victoria (Gonzalez), Liv Morgan, and Aliyah def. Macey Evans, Daria Berenato and Kimberly Frankele – Victoria Gonzalez is the daughter of Rudy Boy Gonzalez. She was billed simply as Victoria (not to be confused with the former WWE star Victoria aka Lisa Marie Varon). This was a fun opener. Gonzalez is taller than all the other girls, so she was using her size to throw the opponents around a bit. Eventually, Aliyah got in the ring and was worked over by the heels, Daria landing some especially nasty kicks. Liv Morgan would eventually make the hot tag get the pin for her team.

– Dan Matha def. Cezar Bononi – The first match of this match was really off. These guys couldn’t find their timing and everything looked awkward. Bononi fired up for a bit and got the crowd hyped up, but it was Matha getting the win in a match that wasn’t really good.

– Buddy Murphy def. Tino Sabbatelli (w/Riddick Moss) – Murphy is wearing a jacket that says “Best Kept Secret” and that moniker fits. He’s the most underrated talent in NXT. This was a fun match with lots of back and forth action. Murphy would overcome Moss’ interference and nail a running brainbuster for the win.

Post match: Moss and Sabbatelli both gang up to attack Murphy. Then, Hideo Itami’s music hits. Moss looks like he’s seen a ghost. Itami enters the ring and nails some hard shots on Moss and Sabbatelli. Itami comes Iniesta his revenge by nailing Moss with a GTS. He celebrates and offers to shake Murphy’s hand. Murphy takes it, but gets too aggressive with it and eats a GTS too.

– Tian Bing def. Kona Reeves – A pretty nothing match. Outside of a few nice kicks from Bing, not much of note in this one. The crowd didn’t know who to cheer for (except for a few Kona Reeves diehards) and just kind of sat on their hands.

– Aleister Black def. Andrade Cien Almas – An entertaining match for both. Almas continues to flourish as a heel. His mannerisms and taunting while hurting his opponent all works so well. Both of these two can keep up a hell of a pace too. This is the kind of match I want to see more of on NXT tv .

– Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match: The Authors of Pain and Sanity fought to a no contest. Heavy Machinery and Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford were also in the match. – Early on, lots of power for power fighting amongst AOP, Heavy Machinery and Sanity. The showdown between Killian Dain and Otis Dozovic was a straight up hoss battle. Just two thick guys running into each other. Otis and Tucker would clear the ring, but end up on the wrong end of the Authors’ finishing move and get eliminated  Dawkins and Ford were next to get eliminated, putting up a big fight but losing to Sanity’s distractions. Finally, Sanity and AOP would face off. Both teams brawled all over the ring and it lead to the ref throwing the match out. The brawl would get so out of hand that a bunch of refs and wrestlers came out to stop it and it turned into a giant melee. Nikki Cross was jumping onto random wrestlers during the brawl.

– Interview time. Vic Joseph introduces Jeet Rama and says that Rama is one of the most accomplished amateur wrestlers in India. Joseph mentions a story of Regal trying to scout him, but Rama beat his opponent too quickly. Rama says he came here to be champion and he believes in himself.

The Drifter’s music hits. Out walks a masked man who dresses just like a certain guitar wielding vagabond. The masked man introduces himself as The Highwayman.

He plays his guitar and sings his song, much to the annoyance of the crowd. Rama interrupts and says we all know he’s the Drifter and should drift away. The Highwayman attacks and leaves Rama lying. Rama calls him back to the ring, where Rama eventually gets the upper hand and runs the masked man off.

– Ruby Riot def. Mandy Rose – Solid work as Mandy continues to get better.

– Shinsuke Nakamura and Kassius Ohno def. Bobby Roode and Patrick Clark – Early on, a lot of stalling from Roode and Clark. There was a lot of taunting and playing to the crowd before any action occurred. Ohno and Nakamura would continue to work over Clark’s hand. Roode and Clark would eventually use their dirty tricks to get the upper hand on Ohno. They would continue to work him over until Ohno nailed a wicked elbow on Roode and made the tag. Nakamura would clean house and eventually nail Clark with and Kinshasa for the win. The work was solid and the match was entertaining. It was a lot more about theatrics and playing to the crowd, than actual wrestling, but it was still fun.


– Meet and Greet before the show was: Demitrius Bronson, Adrian Jaoude, and Victoria Gonzalez

– NXT returns to the Englewood Neighborhood Center on April 29.