WWE 205 Live Results (3/21): Perkins/Nese, Aries Speaks, Neville vs Mustafa Ali


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WWE 205 Live Results

March 21st, 2017

Report by Josh Lopez for WrestleZone.com

Neville Backstage Interview: 


Neville is asked about his match tonight against Mustafa Ali. Ali disrespected the King last week. Everyone needs a reminder of how things work around here. Whether it’s through laziness or stupidity, this will be a reminder of such idiocy. Neville doesn’t expect Austin Aries to pay too much attention, but he needs to realize that around here, Neville is the master. Aries will be forced to bend a knee and pay homage to the King of the Cruiserweight’s.

First Match: Tony Nese vs. TJ Perkins 

Perkins applies a side headlock. Nese flex’s. Perkins with a go-behind. Nese counters with a waist lock takedown. More chain grappling between Perkins and Nese. Perkins ducks a right hand from Nese. Perkins dropkicks Nese. Perkins lands a deep arm-drag. Perkins connects with the Hurricanrana. Perkins with a flying crossbody onto Nese on the outside. Perkins gets Nese in the Black Widow Submission Hold. Nese powers out of the rolling crucifix. Nese connects with a gut buster for a two count. Nese stomps on Perkins gut. Nese with the cover for a two count. Nese launches Perkins back first into the turnbuckles.

Nese continues to flex. Nese applies a body scissors hold.  Nese drops Perkins with a running clothesline for a two count. Nese applies pressure to the jaw of Perkins. Nese transitions into a rear chin lock. Nese with a thrust kick to the midsection for a two count. Perkins with a boot to the jaw of Nese. Perkins follows that up with a neck breaker. Perkins with a basement dropkick to Nese. Perkins connects with a bulldog for a two count. Nese rolls out of the ring. Nese bounces Perkins neck off the top rope. Nese with a Springboard Moonsault for a two count.

Perkins with a Spinning Heel Kick to Nese. Perkins ascends to the top rope. Nese knocks Perkins off the top turnbuckle. Nese goes for the Running Corner Knee Strike, but Perkins ducks out of the way. Nese exposes the middle turnbuckle. Perkins gets Nese in a Cross Arm-Breaker. Perkins rolls Nese up for a two count. Perkins with a Wrecking Ball Dropkick to Nese. Perkins dives over Nese. Perkins goes for the Detonation Kick, but Nese counters with  a vicious German Suplex that sends Perkins into the exposed middle turnbuckle. Nese follows that up with the Running Corner Knee Strike to pickup the victory.

Winner: Tony Nese