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Nikki Bella Talks WrestleMania Marriage Proposal Rumors, Being On Reality Television and How That Has Changed Her WWE Character, More

Nikki Bella was a guest on Between the Ropes on media row. You can read highlights of the interview below:

On reality TV:

“It’s been an incredible journey. It’s been I think like four and a half years and it’s definitely been hard in the beginning, but I think my sister [Brie Bella] and I went into it knowing we’re going to be an open book and if we want to make this work, we have to be an open book and we have to be okay that people are not going to like us for it and people are going to like us for it. That’s just how the world works. We knew we were going to get judged and I think when my sister and I took that step it made us very relatable and then it helped me bring that here to WWE as well. Like, wow if I bring that real life type-of-me here people will connect with me more then trying to be something that I’m not. That’s like this feud going into WrestleMania. It’s as real as it gets for John [Cena] and I and The Miz and Maryse.”

On rumors of a possible John Cena marriage proposal following her WrestleMania 33 match:

“I’ve just kind of learned to ignore it. Because one, I don’t want to get my hopes up, and then two, like when we were on the Today show this past week and they told me there was a props bet going on in Vegas, and I’m like ‘wait, there’s what?’ There’s a real bet. It’s funny cause John’s like ‘who bets on WWE? Don’t ever bet on the WWE.'”

You can watch the full interview with Nikki Bella below: