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Total Divas Recap (4/12): Renee and Dean Take a Vacation, Brie Is Back on the Road, Naomi Feels the Glow While Eva and Maryse Go “Baywatch”

We open with a shot of Eva Marie and Maryse going to get coffee backstage. Maryse talks about not getting to see Mike (Miz) very often due to the fact that he needs to go to Vancouver to shoot pickup shots for Marine 5. Eva Marie suggests that they should do a photo shoot together for their husbands.

A quote from Natalya is displayed: “The second you walk through the curtain and nail that entrance… You’re going to prove why you should be taken seriously.”

We get several shots of Cincinnati, Ohio prior to a SmackDown Live taping. Brie Bella talks about Daniel Bryan recently being named General manager of SmackDown Live. She also talks about Bryan inviting her to be on the road with him and her thinking it would help with the “baby-making process.” Brie calls Bryan to find out where he is backstage, but gets his voicemail.

Naomi says she’s been feeling stuck where she’s at. Naomi talks to Mark Carrano backstage. She says that she’s been working on something epic that would be perfect for her and goes on to describe her “glow” entrance. Mark says that they will have to “shelve it” for the moment until they can get all the right approvals.

Daniel Bryan finally sees Brie Bella backstage and says he was talking to Road Dogg and Miz about Talking Smack. Brie says “don’t be mad” as she shows that she has a plastic water bottle. Bryan slaps the bottle out of her hand. Brie watches Bryan jump rope in the arena.

Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are seen getting out of a truck with their dog. They are on a vacation. Renee talks about looking forward to getting a little bit of romance because they don’t get a chance to be on vacation very often. She claims that they usually do a lot of stuff that Dean likes to do and she hopes that they switch gears a but on their vacation.

Eva Marie and Maryse are seen walking around in Beverly Hills, California. Eva Marie talks about how great she gets along with Maryse even though she’s had issues with most of the rest of the locker room previously. They try on several bikinis while trying to figure out what they want to wear for their upcoming photo shoot.

Naomi talks to Natalya and Jimmy Uso backstage at a house show in Anaheim, California. Natalya talks about Naomi being the “dark horse” of the division. Naomi reveals that creative is finally going to let her try out the “glow” entrance. Natalya brings up the fact that hardly anyone gets to have the lights turned off in the arena for their entrance.

Eva Marie and Maryse are seen driving around in Beverly Hills. Maryse talks about how weird it is to be driving without underwear on. Maryse talks about being on a five days juice cleanse. Eva Marie and Maryse get a body wrap. They are wrapped before going under a heat lamp.

Renee Young calls Nikki Bella from her vacation in Lake Tahoe with Dean Ambrose. Nikki is apparently stuck in traffic in Los Angeles. Renee walks in to find that Dean has ordered a pizza. Renee says that she was going to cook dinner and seems very turned off by the situation.

We see Naomi practicing her new entrance at home with Jimmy Uso in Pensacola, Florida.

We see Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella at their hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio. The internet apparently isn’t working. Brie heads down to the business center of the hotel for internet.

Nikki Bella is seen on a conference call in the back of an S.U.V. They say that they will need to reschedule the call because Brie is not on the call. Nikki tries to call Brie several times before connecting with her. Nikki says that it’s “not excusable” that she didn’t have wifi and that she should have went to Starbucks. Nikki is upset that Brie spends so much time with her husband.

Eva Marie and Maryse get ready for their Baywatch-themed photo shoot.

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young go to a store to get Dean a button-down shirt and a tie for a dinner date.

Eva Marie and Maryse arrive at the beach for their photo shoot. Maryse says that she has no energy and Eva Marie suggests that they bail on the photo shoot because Maryse is sucking all of the fun out of it due to being hangry. Eva Marie starts walking away.

Maryse says she’s not going to get into a huge fight over the photo shoot. Eva Marie suggests that they eat and rejuvenate themselves before finishing the photo shoot.

Renee Young and Dean Ambrose are seen getting ready for their dinner date. Dean asks if he really has to button the top button.

Maryse and Eva Marie eat some food before returning to the beach to finish their photo shoot. Maryse apologizes to everyone “for being a bitch.” She tells them never to do a cleanse.

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are seated at a restaurant for their dinner date. Dean attempts to order whiskey, he is told that they only serve beer and wine. They order wine. Renee can see that Dean is not enjoying himself.

We see several shots backstage at a live event in Tampa, Florida. Naomi talks to Mark Carrano. She will be trying out her new “Glow” entrance for the first time at the event.

Brie and Nikki Bella are seen talking in Tampa. Nikki says that it’s hard for her not to be mad at Brie for missing their conference call. Nikki says that Brie shouldn’t give up her career just to be a good wife.

Renee Young takes Dean Ambrose to a dive bar on the last night of their vacation. Renee says she took Dean to the fancy restaurant earlier to show Dean some romance. He would prefer a place like the one they are at.

Naomi talks to Natalya backstage about being nervous to try out her new “Glow” entrance. Natalya reassures her. Naomi tries her “Glow” entrance out before a SmackDown Live taping. They ask her to try it a second time and a third time.

Nikki and Brie Bella meet up again. Brie says she talked to Bryan about focusing on herself. Brie and Nikki do a photo shoot together and Brie seems happy to be conducting business for herself.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are seen introducing the first SmackDown Live after the draft. Naomi finally gets to do her “Glow” entrance in front of the live crowd on SmackDown Live as this episode of Total Divas concludes.