Adam Rose Reveals Vince McMahon Almost Played The Bunny, Talks Strowman as a Rosebud, Hating the “Trust Fall”, Retiring in 2017 and More

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Entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV spoke with former WWE star Adam Rose at ICW in Miami, FL last night. He talked about retiring at the end of this year, what he is going to do after retirement, Vince McMahon almost being the bunny, Braun Strowman working as a Rosebud and much more. You can watch the entire interview in the video player below, and the following are some interview highlights:

Vince McMahon almost played the bunny:

“Road Dogg was in a meeting for two hours before Raw to figure out who the bunny was going to be and they couldn’t decide. I wanted [Justin] Gabriel to do it because he was my friend since I was 15 and he was 16. His dad trained me and we’ve know each other our whole lives. I said let him do it and they said well no one really knows him anymore and they won’t get the reaction they want. Then there was a suggestion that Vince McMahon do it and I was like ‘What’s the payoff? I don’t get it.’ They were like ‘We don’t know where to go, so why not have a crazy billionaire do it?’

Retiring at the end of 2017:

“I feel like it’s time to move on to other things. I don’t want to be one of those guys who’s hanging on and hanging on and hanging on and hanging on. It’s done. It’s had it life and it’s over with. It was fun while it lasted and it’s time to move on to other things. I’ve got a wife and two kids and I’ve got other business interests. I can’t justify being here if I’m half foot in, half foot out.”

Who he would like to wrestle in his final match:

“There are a couple of guys who are friends of mine who I would like to do the last match with. Bull Dempsey is one of them who’s been a good friend of mine for a long time. And Justin [Gabriel] is obviously a good friend of mine since I was 15. We’ve traveled this journey together, so probably him.”

On Braun Strowman working as a Rosebud:

“Braun is the nicest person in the world, people don’t know that. And he has this voice, this country voice. If he sings country music you’ll fall in love with him. He can sing a country song like no other. He has this amazing voice and at one point he was my Rosebud general because he used to control the others. I still remember at Raw this one time and Braun was yelling ‘Everyone listen up. This is about Mr. Rose, this is not about you!’ and I was like ‘Braun, calm down there’s no need to be so hard about the whole thing.’ That’s the one Rosebud people remember. They’ll never let him live it down. I still remember being in Gorilla Position and Vince McMahon seeing him in his Rosebud costume and looking at Hunter like ‘What are you doing to us?'”

He hated doing the trust fall during his entrance:

“That was the bane of my life. We were supposed to do it once on my debut and done. The next thing I know for a year we had to rehearse trust falls with extras that I didn’t know. I had to come in before rehearsals, gather up all of these extras, rehearse my trust fall and then they could all be extras. But it was a miserable time for me because I always had to put that together every time I got to a Raw or Smackdown.”