Jim Ross on WWE Being Interested in Former UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg, Potential of Jinder Mahal, Miz and Maryse Taking Advantage of Their Exposure on Raw

(Photo Credit Craig Hunter Ross)
(Photo Credit Craig Hunter Ross)

On the most recent edition of the ‘Ross Report’ podcast with Jim Ross, he opens up the podcast with ‘What’s On My Mind,’ a segment where he shares his thoughts on the world of professional wrestling throughout the week. To listen to the entire podcast, including an interview with his guest, former WWE & WCW superstar Rey Mysterio click at this link. Below are a few of the highlights from his podcast:

On WWE Wanting Former UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg:

There is something floating around the internet claiming that WWE is going to ‘romance’ former UFC Announcer Mike Goldberg and obviously to recruit him to come to WWE and that in this process WWE would use my close friendship with Mike Goldberg as an asset, a leverage. The problem of that is I don’t know Mike Goldberg. I met him one time at a UFC event in Oklahoma City a long time ago and that was only a, how are you doing type thing. I like his work and listen to his work for years, but I haven’t had the opportunity to get to know him at any place. That is not the place to go shoot the breeze with some people. I don’t know if WWE is interested in Mike Goldberg, I have no idea. There are two things there: I don’t know if they are interested and I can’t help him. Mike Goldberg was going to be my replacement back in 2005 but that didn’t work, something about a contract, but just a lot of crazy irony. Interesting story though huh?

On the Potential of Jinder Mahal:

Recently exchanged text messages with Jinder Mahal, especially after his impactful television appearance a week or so ago where he is now the unlikely number one contender for the WWE title. I can tell you honestly, all the way back to Florida Championship Wrestling, after sitting and talking with Dusty [Rhodes] on what we saw with this guy or that guy, when I saw Jinder for the first time, I told him that he looks like a natural heel because he has got this sneaky look, looks a little slippery, so Dusty agreed and even though some people would knock it because it wasn’t their idea, which is usually the idea in professional wrestling where if it’s not their idea it’s not a good idea but I thought he was going to be a good heel, I really did. I think it’s good that this kid is getting an opportunity because I don’t know if he’s going to be the next big star or next big heel, but he has gotten himself into great shape, from all I know he’s a good citizen, a good pro, a consciousness kid. I’ve mentioned this on the show before and perhaps you can use it for your life, but don’t let other people judge everybody for you. When you can, judge people on how they treat you. If they’re always straight with you in how they treat you, with integrity and respect, then what the hell do you have to complain about? Don’t let others dictate how you are going to feel about somebody, you should do that on your own and this kid is a good-hearted kid, big fan, he’s paid his dues. I’m pulling for Jinder Mahal because I love the concept where if you’re a hard worker talented people who are willing to go to the wall with their personas and character is over to reach their potential, which helps other people as well. People wanting things that are new, certainly, this booking for Jinder Mahal fills that build folks. Good idea for athletes to see if they belong in the main event picture, so for Mahal to face Randy Orton is a fantastic opportunity, I say get after it. I don’t think those guys are going to tear the house down, they can and will probably overachieve.

On How WWE Will Keep Lesnar and Reigns Away From Each Other Until Next Year’s WrestleMania:

People want the immediate payoff, with no foreplay. The booking is easy, not hard. The facilitating the booking is easy, you just have to not let them cross paths until you want them to, and off you go. If that’s the plan for the match, I applaud it because I believe that everything in wrestling can and more often than not is better when it is long-term planned and meticulously executed.

On The Improvement of Miz and Maryse:

Monday Night Raw was a solid show this week, but it’s still three hours. I like the exposure and time allotted to Miz and Maryse. They have a lot of TV time and I think they maximized it, I like where they are headed. I mentioned this before, but Miz has gotten a little more aggressive, as I mentioned beforethat he needed a little more aggression and has become a bad a** if he can, and of course Maryse has been an amazing addition to that pairing and it takes time for anyone to learn the skill set of a unique role, and being a female valet, if that term is applicable, it’s not an easy skill to learn but she has a unique look with a superb aptitude. I think this will be a break-out year between the two of them.