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Kurt Angle Addresses His WWE In-Ring Future, Says “My Guess Is I Will Wrestle Again”, Comments On WWE’s Concerns About His Health

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was interviewed this morning by WrestleZone Radio’s Nick Hausman for this week’s episode of WZ Weekly.

This week’s episode of WZ Weekly, featuring Angle’s full interview, will be released today around 1 pm CST via WrestleZone Radio.

Some of Angle’s comments from the interview regarding a potential return to in-ring action for WWE have been transcribed below.

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KA: They haven’t talked to me about it. I’m sure they won’t until the last second (laughs). That’s ok with me. I think what they are doing right now is, this is just my own opinion, they’re monitoring to see how I am doing. They want to see, “Is this kid really in recovery? Does he really have his life together? Is he coming here clean? Is he doing ok? Is his health ok?” They see me working out at the gym. They see me every RAW doing what I have to do. They’re saying, “Prove to us that you are ok and we can give you what you want.” I’m cool with that. I understand that. I understand they are going to drug test me continuously. It’s no more than anybody else but else but they are going to. It’s one of those things where they are going to monitor me and see how I do. I don’t think it’s an issue of “if” they are going to I think it’s “when”. That’s my opinion but I will be wrestling down the road at some point. It might not be this year, it might be next year, I don’t know. They haven’t said a word but my guess is I will wrestle again in WWE. I just don’t know when.

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During Kurt’s full interview with WrestleZone Radio he discusses:

  • Why he decided to partner with Dr. Jonas on the Anglestrong app
  • What WWE’s reaction has been to his work on Anglestrong
  • What led to his return to WWE
  • His WWE Hall of Fame speech and what WWE didn’t let him do
  • DDP’s work with people dealing with recovery and their recent conversations
  • What the transition into the role of RAW GM has been like
  • Who on the current WWE roster he’s enjoyed working with
  • His history with Finn Balor
  • What fans can expect from Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt
  • His potential future as an in-ring competitor for WWE
  • More…

You can listen to last week’s episode of WZ Weekly, featuring Kurt Angle’s Anglestrong partner Dr. Jonas, in the embedded audio player below: