WWE 205 Live Results (5/9): Gentlemen Jack’s Hometown Toast Turns London Riot, Brian Kendrick Faces Akira Tozawa & More

wwe 205 live results

WWE 205 Live Results

May 9, 2017

Report by Mike Killam for Wrestlezone

Gentlemen Jack Gallagher came out to start the show, and got a good reaction from his hometown crowd. There was a red carpet set up in the ring, with British flags everywhere. They gave him a “Jackie Boy” chant and he graciously thanked them, before bringing out the man who saved him last week, Austin Aries. Gallagher thanked Aries for what he did, and said that honor dictated that he join in the fight against Neville and TJ Perkins. Aries was grateful and said he could have just sent him a “thank you” card, but Gallagher wanted to toast him properly. He went to ringside and grabbed a couple of pints – Aries said he was more of a red wine guy, which got some boos from the Brits. Before the could drink their beer, Neville’s pyro went off and the Cruiserweight Champion made his way to the ring.

Neville said he used to consider Gentlemen Jack as a parody of an Englishmen, but realized he’s just a symptom of a much larger problem. He called all of England a parody, and Austin Aries came to the defense of the locals. Neville said that Aries has had two opportunities at his crown, yet he is still King of the Cruiserweights. He gave his own toast and said this would but Austin’s last night on 205 Live.

TJ Perkins came out of nowhere, attacking Aries and went right after his injured knee. A huge brawl broke out with all four guys fighting around ringside. Gallagher got a great pop for spitting beer in Perkins face, but got blasted from behind by the champion. Aries made the save with a discus fivearm to clear the ring, and the babyfaces ended the segment by chugging their beers together.