Former TNA Knockout’s Champion Announces Wrestling Retirement

tna knockout
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Former TNA Knockout Velvet Sky recently spoke with WNPR and announced that she is retiring from pro wrestling and plans on returning to college at Post University. Sky, real name Jamie Lynn Szantyr, had the following to say on the decision.

“Wrestling has a shelf life. College doesn’t. You can be 50 years old and go to college for your degree. You can’t be 50 years old and train to be a pro wrestler.”

“I’m in really, really good physical condition, still, and my health is great. And I want to keep it that way. I had a really satisfying 15-year wrestling career, so I went back to school because I got to live out my wrestling dream.”

Velvet Sky started her pro wrestling career back in 2003, and made her TNA debut in 2007. She was a two time TNA Knockouts Champion during her 10 years with the company.

Currently Sky trains wrestlers at Bully Ray and D-Von’s Team 3D academy, and hopes to become a personal trainer.