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ROH COO Joe Koff To CM Punk, ‘You Are Always Welcome In Our House’; Confirms Loose Punk & ROH Contact

WrestleZone proudly presented the latest episode of our signature daily pro wrestling news podcast, WZ Daily, earlier this morning.

The episode of WZ Daily features a WZ exclusive Friday of Honor interview with Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff. Former WWE Superstar Sean “X-Pac” Waltman also sits in on the interview.

You can find some of our comments embedded below.

Exclusive: Women Of Honor ROH TV Preview (Video); ROH COO Joe Koff & Sean Waltman On WZ Daily Today

NH: There does seem to be one big name out there that his history with Ring of Honor that would be a big game changer and that’s CM Punk. Have you chatted at all? Have you talked to CM Punk anytime recently?

JK: CM Punk would be an unbelievable addition for Ring of Honor. I don’t know where that would be or could be. It would be a dream. Wrestling talent knows this: once you are a part of Ring of Honor you are always a part of Ring of Honor. Our door is always open to people who want to come back and perform at our level, with our style and for our fans. That would be a dream. That would be unbelievable.

NH: CM Punk with The Bullet Club. I’m just saying.

JK: CM Punk, if you’re listening or reading, I hope you are, you are always welcome in our house. You know that. He knows that. We’ve had conversations in the past through people. He knows that there is a welcome sign for him.

NH: Have you had conversations since he left WWE?

JK: I haven’t spoken to him personally and I think it’s through intermediaries or whatever. I think his first goal was to be involved in his MMA stuff.

NH: Do you know if he has an inkling or desire to have one more run in pro wrestling?

JK: I think that’s a question for him. I wish I had that big story.

SW: He will. I will guarantee you that we will see CM Punk in a wrestling ring again before it’s all said and done. Nobody leaves the pro wrestling industry like that and doesn’t come back.

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Today’s episode of WZ Daily is hosted by Nick Hausman and features former WWE/WCW/NWO Superstar Sean Waltman as his co-host.

The pro wrestling news topics from the last twenty-four hours that Nick & Sean discuss include:

Nick & Sean are then joined by Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff. Joe talks candidly with them about:

  • The Women of Honor ROH TV special airing this weekend
  • How he wound up doing commentary for the event
  • What separates ROH’s Women of Honor from other promotion’s women’s divisions
  • How ROH’s style does or does not differ from NJPW’s
  • Whether ROH and NJPW have discussed NJPW’s touring plans for 2018
  • ROH’s influence on the WWE product
  • If ROH and CM Punk have had any conversations
  • His memories of the Hardys-Anthem ROH PPV dispute from earlier this year
  • Punishment Martinez
  • Bullet Club vs Dalton Castle & The Boys
  • More…

You can listen to the latest episode of Bischoff on Wrestling in the embedded audio player below: