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Ricochet Comments On MLW One Shot, His Wrestling Style, Working In Front Of The Orlando Crowd

Ricochet recently spoke with Jay Reddick of the Orlando Sentinel while promoting MLW’s One-Shot live event this October; you can read a few excerpts below:

Ricochet comments on his style of wrestling, switching things up: 

“One of my strong suits is finding and creating transitions between moves, then stringing combinations into series,” said Ricochet. “When it comes to the moves themselves, after I created a style a lot of guys started doing the same moves I was. I had to switch up my whole offense, then when it happened again I had to switch it up again. It was a hard thing to do, but it helps me grow and helps me not become stale.”

Ricochet comments on working in front of the hometown Orlando crowd: 

“Working at home is always best. Traveling is the hardest part of my job – I say I don’t get paid to wrestle, because that’s the fun part. I get paid to travel. When you’re hurting after a match, the last thing you want to do is get in a car or on a plane to get to the next city.”

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Ricochet comments on his level of success, staying grounded: 

“I was just a 100-pounds-soaking-wet skinny kid when I started. No way I ever thought I’d make it this far. [In July] I was on a show wrestling Rey Mysterio, one of my heroes; John Hennigan [aka John Morrison] was on the show; and the bassist from my favorite band growing up [Killswitch Engage] was in the crowd. I just thought, ‘What is happening? This is crazy!’ I pinch myself often to make sure I’m not dreaming.”