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Corey Graves Admits That He Does Not Like Enzo Amore, Thinks He Should Be on WWE 205 Live, JBL Says Amore’s Backstage Heat Could Hinder Him

(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images)

On the latest episode of Bring It to the Table on the WWE Network, Corey Graves and JBL were addressed with the topic of Enzo Amore having backstage heat. JBL stated that he has a good working relationship with Enzo, but there has been a problem with “him and the rest of the world,” and that could stack the odds against Amore making it in WWE. When Peter Rosenberg asked Graves about his thoughts on Enzo, he stated that he “wants him on the team.” However, he added that he rubs people the wrong way backstage, and is the same person on Wednesday afternoon as he is on Raw.

JBL asked Graves if he liked Enzo, and here is what he said:

“No! No I don’t like Enzo. He’s a fine guy, but… again, the guy you see on Monday nights, is that guy 24 hours a day. There’s no off switch. It rubs people the wrong way. If you’re on a European tour 12 days deep, and he’s going on and on and on about how he partied with the weekend in LA, you’re gonna get tired of hearing about it. There’s a limit, and when you’re on the road that much, that’ll wear on your nerves.”

Despite that, Graves hopes that he “gets back on the good side of everybody,” because he is a valuable part of the team.

Both Graves and JBL feel that Enzo should be a part of 205 Live. When Rosenberg pointed out that some may view that as a demotion, JBL brought up that it was not a demotion for Neville, as he used that platform to be one of the hottest heels in the WWE right now. Graves believes that Enzo is a big draw, and 205 Live would be a good spot for him. JBL added that Kalisto should join the Cruiserweight roster as well.

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