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Edge Jokes About The Great Khali Holding WWE Title, Jimmy John’s Deny ‘Brock Lesnar Discount’ Request

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Edge Jokes About The Great Khali Holding WWE Championship

On the recent E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness podcast, Edge & Christian discussed The Great Khali returning to the WWE to assist Jinder Mahal with retaining his championship. Edge thought it was hysterical that Khali held up the title as if it was his, stating that he was doing it to get a “photo-op in the Indian newspapers.”

“My favorite part of the entire thing was Khali grabbing the heavyweight title away from Jinder and holding it up so he would get that photo-op in the Indian newspapers the next day. ‘Great Khali’s Champion!’ or something. You know that’s what’s going through his mind. He grabbed it and you could see Jinder going like, ‘What…what are you doing, man? You’re taking my belt? What?’ And they had a little tug of war over the thing. I was losing it. I was like, ‘Khali, you bastard! You’re still that way! Okay! Yup!’ Then he handed it back to Jinder, which was nice of him. That was my favorite part.”

Jimmy John’s Deny ‘Brock Lesnar Discount’ Request

As shown on his wrestling shorts, Jimmy John’s has been a sponsor of Brock Lesnar for a number of years. Recently, a fan asked the food chain whether she could get a discount if she mentioned Lesnar’s name.

Jimmy John’s responded, “Nope, but you get a really yummy sandwich made with my all-natural meats and fresh veggies that are hand-sliced daily and our tasty fresh baked bread!”