Mick Foley
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Mick Foley Adds WWE TV Viewing Party to Charity Auction, Synopsis for Tonight’s New ‘Table for 3’, WWE NXT Star Undergoes Rehab (Video)

(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Mick Foley Adds Raw Or Smackdown Viewing Party to Charity Auction

As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is currently running The Mick Foley Memorabilia Auction, through 9pm EST on Monday, August 14.

Mick has put some of his most prized possessions up for grabs. From clothing he’s worn in the ring, to in-person experiences and rare items personalized to winners, this is an exciting opportunity for fans to gain access to exclusive stuff. Fans could own Mick’s Cactus Jack leopard boots, order room service with Mick and Noelle before SummerSlam, and tons more. All proceeds will benefit RAINN.

Foley has added another exciting item, a WWE RAW or SmackDown viewing party for up to 12 fans.

‘Table for 3’

A new episode of WWE’s “Table For 3” will air on WWE Network immediately after tonight’s Raw, and will feature WWE Hall of Famers Sting, Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. Below is the official show synopsis:

“Legends Ric Flair, Sting and Ricky Steamboat – Rivals in the NWA and WCW – reunite to recall their favorite tales from their great careers.”

WWE NXT Star Undergoes Rehab (Video)

WWE has released the following video, featuring NXT’s Peyton Royce undergoing rehab for a case of lower back pain that she couldn’t figure out as well as an acute neck strain she suffered during training: